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11 Jan 2019

How Gartner Technology Trends Will Change Design in 2019

The effect of implementing innovative tech-fueled trends has revolutionized the entire market and totally changed the way how businesses should streamline workflow and improve interaction with their customers.

It's better to let professional ux designer conduct correct ux audit
27 Dec 2018

How to Conduct a Robust UX Audit for Your Website

Keep in mind, the UX audit is not just a separate set of ideas depicting the functionality of your website or its interface navigation, but rather a comprehensible search of latent underlying defects typical of customer trek.

13 Dec 2018

Top 5 UX Design Trends to Adopt in 2019

Understanding modern design trends and practices through the lens of increasing lead generation and therefore maximizing your profits is no piece of cake. There is a host of counterintuitive views appear today stating which of the current UI/UX design techniques work best in eCommerce.

Find the fresh waves for you online store in 2019
29 Nov 2018

Design forecast 2019 for eCommerce

You should keep in mind though that the one-size-fits-all design solutions to boost your eCommerce store performance can hardly be found. So if you do not have any in-house web design experts at your disposal, you’d rather check our recommendations on the matter of the most effective ways to optimize your online shop.

12 Nov 2018

How to Design Bigdata Apps

While the hardware and service solutions are large of a one-size-fits-all character, data applications must be designed so that they can comply with the unique demands of a certain company or enterprise. So to become a game-changer in your industry, you have to get custom data application software developed and designed.