How to Conduct a Robust UX Audit for Your Website

Denis Z
UI/UX Design 27.12.2018
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Ux designer know how to conduct perfect design audit

UX audit defined

You can come across different user experience audit definitions on numerous websites. Traditionally, it is viewed as an expert estimate of digital products, concerning applicability and user experience. In your strive to redesign content, while transforming your site you should mind user experience. A UX audit provides you with an exclusive opportunity to resolve various issues related to your product design.

Keep in mind, the UX audit is not just a separate set of ideas depicting the functionality of your website or its interface navigation, but rather a comprehensible search of latent underlying defects typical of customer trek. According to a recent HubSpot survey, 68% of business owners got a website redesign done in the last 12 months. So checking your website UX versatility gives you a great chance to uplift conversion and engagement figures considerably.

Through auditing the eCommerce website you are sure to attain bigger advantages and sales, a higher level of user commitment, faster task accomplishment, more efficient awareness of your company, and you will definitely experience a lesser number of support calls.

Being an indispensable part of any design process, a robust UX analysis enables a designer to choose the better method for implementing a specific constituent or improving workflow on having detected the competitors’ approach. Such an initiative can also help determine the ways of work enhancing, advancement and renovation of your website.

How can you benefit from the UX audit?

Some factors that help to increase conversion and improve customer satisfactionAll in all, the most competitive advantages of completing a UX assessment boil down to the following:

It comes in handy, for instance, when you are about to design a perfect landing page to boost the conversion rates.

First steps to do in UX audit

It would be a good idea to make an outline before you start. Try your hand at surfing different reliable resources to see into the trendy and efficient UX audit template or suggestions you can offer to your prospective clients. Profound UX is certain to favor your business in a long-run perspective as it meets the customer expectations of your site.

There is a lot of useful online resources where you can get inspired with some bright ideas on the topic. Once you are full of smart insights, you can proceed to the following UX audit checklist:

Know your customers

Find out the needs and objectives of your present visitors. Make sure you understand the background and motives of their needs and expectations as you foresee their aspirations and ambitions. You should have a clear understanding on how to tailor your website UX design to your target audience, while attracting new leads at the same time. Envisage demands, knowledge and participation of the expected visitors. Being confident about the goals they pursue on your eCommerce site will give you a competitive edge on the market.

Estimate your final revenue goals

To accomplish a successful user experience audit, make a strategic roadmap with all your business objectives set out distinctly. Having failed to realize the eventual deliverables, you cannot expect either positive or beneficial outcome of your UX audit. Therefore, significant objectives may include income expectations, conversion rates prediction, and other things that may prove to be beneficial to your website.

What’s inside: a UX audit checklist

Discover what the main points of the comprehensive ux auditTo get a clear picture of what is all about, let’s look under the hood of the main UX audit tools and methods.

User Involvement

Get underway with a study of users participation as it foregrounds the requester of your UX audit. To obtain this data, you might need to apply particular predictive analytics software. Moreover, you should focus your attention on involvement data like the percentage of visitors coming to your website and the time they spend on each and every page. It ensures your marketing team to comprehend the outcomes of the present day UX efforts.

Conversion Mode

To present your audience compatibility, expose how you convey ideas to your visitors. The odds are, you will experience a drop in customers unless your resort to adequate content communication patterns.

Page Advancing Code

However, a page code is optional to the UX audit (as we are more concerned with design in this article), you should not underestimate this part as it has a pivotal role in how visitors can discover your site. Having optimized the page code, you make certain that the customers can find your website effortlessly. It increases a conversion rate as well as the overall user experience.

Web page content

Content you use on your eCommerce website should foster your brand acquisition both among the potential users and top marketing chiefs. Check if your crucial page elements like CTAs, product details, contact and order info are accessible enough and eye-catchy.

Instinct Track

Great content filled with meaningful messages across web pages should always resonate with the needs and expectations of your prospective customers. So it is more than important to ensure that you have all the key points included in the description of your products or services. In other words, just having awesome content is not enough, you have to put it in the right place to enjoy the UX boost.

Site Guidance

Smooth page navigation makes a visitor’s journey through your website quick and uncomplicated. The better navigation you can provide, the bigger rates of engagement you will obtain. Efficiently developed navigation should enable easy-to-find internal links to a home or any other page of your website. For instance, having breadcrumbs to allow visitors return to a previous page is a great way to improve their UX.


The last but not the least point of your UX performance is to search for effective brand reliability drivers, which are table stakes for any eCommerce website nowadays. To prove your company is a mature and credible one, include copyright data, privacy text, and recognizable social proofs.

UX Audit Cost

A price of analyzing your website performance and checking how well it interacts with customers can vary greatly and mostly depends on how thoroughly you want it to be done. If you address a freelancer for a quick 2-day task you might pay around $1,500. The pricing of seasoned UX professionals starts at $4,850 and may go up to $7,500 depending on the complexity and a number of tools involved. Either way, think twice before signing a contract with UX specialists to ensure they are able to give your eCommerce site a push.

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