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Best call to action buttons that convert
22 Jul 2019

Best call to action buttons that convert

It is incredible how just one small element like a call-to-action button on your website can influence the success of an entire eCommerce project. A CTA is one of the most essential elements of your page inspiring a site visitor to click in order to get more details. Lear more how to design it the most effective way.

An example of ux flowchart template, that could bring lots of benefit to eCommerce website
25 Jul 2018

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction With UX Flowchart Templates

How long your team discovers the personas from the target audience? What’s the base element in this process? The answer is extremely clear –  UX flowchart templates! Simple detail, that provides designers with the valuable insights regarding the level of users engagement on the whole path of their journey.

design updates - one of the best way to refresh your ecommerce business
27 Jun 2018

5 Key Design Elements To Refine Your eCommerce Store

Never seize the opportunity to improve the visual side of your eCommerce project with good-looking design components, that will provide the users with better experience and engagement. Our team prepared few recommendations for your next website’s design update – try them and get the competitive advantage over your competitors! 🙂