5 Outstanding Mobile App Interface Designs

Yaroslav B
UI/UX Design 22.08.2018
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Mobile app design - fundamental part of the appearence of your company in the users'minds

UI design trends

Today mobile app UI/UX designers must go the extra mile to please the end users of their phone apps. Mobile app design evolves, so do customers’ needs and expectations. In 2018 it takes much effort and time to create a mobile design that looks visually appealing and can attract a large pool of audience.

To make things even more complicated, web and mobile app design trends and ideas change over time. There is no universal design solution for all seasons, especially when it comes to creating mobile apps interface designs. You have to keep tabs on the most popular user interface design trends, be aware of mobile user interface design principles, know latest tendencies for designing user interfaces for iOS and Android.

8 main principles of interface design

Before we proceed with the best interface designs for mobile apps, let us brush up some cornerstone principles. Something that every UI/UX designer should know while creating actionable user interfaces for both web and mobile applications. These are known as Ben Shneiderman’s ‘Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design’ and can give you a full-scale picture of what steps you must take to succeed in designing great user interfaces.

The rules boil down to the following:

  • Consistency of UI elements
  • Enable shortcuts
  • Provide feedback
  • Create clear dialog messages
  • Make issues-resolving process quick and easy for users
  • Allow users to easily undone their actions
  • Encourage users with intuitive options
  • Consider attention span to make shorter action times

These rules of the thumb do not cover all the user interface cases. However, they create a solid background for any UI/UX design activities.

Best user interface designs for mobile apps

To help you out with this, we decided to showcase some of the mobile applications and their user interface designs that are gaining much traction nowadays.

1. Nike App – Sporting eShop app

Simplicity and style in the nike app design


This app is a sports application for online shopping. It allows mobile users to purchase sporting footwear on the go, while being at home or at their workplaces. The mobile app provides a greater and quicker access to a wide range of running and training shoes than any brick-and-mortar shop can do.


This application utilizes an eye-catching color scheme empowered with magnificent color gradients. Vivid and realistic images of sports footwear add much to improving user-experience. Plain fonts allow to provide all the relevant information under each SKU in the list. Thus making it far easier for users to learn about pricing details, model specifications, available colors, etc. So give it a try to see how a well-done interface design solution can improve your shopping experience.


2. Moment – Music app

Like music? Enjoy both the soumds and nice design


Unlike lots of music apps for mobile phones of the ilk, Moment enables users to randomly listen to the favourite music by choosing among different playlists and various themes and genres. Instead of usual searching via entering exact names of musicians, song titles or top charts, which is way too boring and time-consuming, this app provides you with a great option to open up ready-made lists of popular hits or collections of a certain music genre.


A simple and intuitive sidebar menu provides an easy access to main app’s options. Users can manage current playlists or seek for new ones. The app enables theme-focused search, meaning you can find a playlist that perfectly resonates with your morning mood or boost your spirits while celebrating your pet animal’s birthday. Calm colors and beautiful background images with glimpses of nature create a unique atmosphere of tranquility and peace of mind. So why won’t you pick this one when you feel like enjoying the most enticing music themes and motifs?


3. Panacea – Healthcare app

Healthcare app design can be helpful and convinient


This is a blockchain-backed mobile application that lets users receive full-range information about clinic’s doctors and services. Moreover, with this app on board the patients can arrange a visit to any particular specialist at any time convenient to them. The app development is still underway. And I am dead sure it will beat all the competitors upon its release since this app combines a lot of useful functions, which have never been integrated within one mobile application before.


The application is heftily designed so that it can give end-users all the comprehensive information about medical professionals’ time schedule, their qualification and specialization, pricing details for every service, contact info and many others. The app employs a great color palette with medicine-themed navy and sky blue colors prevailing on the background. A single Proxima Nova font is used in bold and regular variants across all the content of the mobile app, including headings, body, and descriptions. Besides, the app brags about meaningful 3D models for self-diagnosis and easy-to-get-through authorization window. Make use of this healthcare app when your general physical or mental state is an issue.


4. QuickBooks Accounting – invoice management app

Business app need to be simple and well-designed


This is a perfect fintech application for creating invoices, managing your cash flow and expenditures, and reviewing all your profits and losses. IT is fully compatible with any iOS and Android devices of later generations. This is an ideal solution for small business owners. It lets them track expenses on a monthly basis, easily connect to bank accounts and monitor money transactions. What’s more, you can take photos of your receipts. And customize your invoice forms with corporate logos or any additional fields or other business details.


The app’s interface showcases a simplified yet efficient design solution. The informative main menu contains all the necessary information on sales invoices. It provides users with relevant data about prices, overdue balances, estimates, currency and other essential activities required to ensure safe and transparent business performance. Well-balanced color scheme adds much to improving user experience. The app’s interface features no distracting bells and whistles, which in turn helps to focus on core business details. At the time of writing, the iOS version has a bit smoother functionality and interface design. I do hope that the users’ feedback will speed up the app’s developers and designers to enhance the Android variant as well.


5. Invaluable – eCommerce auction app

Great design decision for the eccomerce app


This mobile application enables an access to one of the most popular online marketplaces for collectibles, antiques and fine art items. The app helps collectors of various rarities find and buy the things they are looking for, with easy and in no time. To get their favorite items, users can take part in ongoing auctions or, instead, start off their own ones.


The app enjoys a very pleasant-looking interface design solution. All auction lots are followed by hi-res images enabling users to get the true picture of the things they like to purchase. A user-friendly navigation bar is in the footer, and feature all the necessary buttons to switch between main trading options. Furthermore,  a classic color scheme lets users zero in on each item at a time or, if needed, see a full scope of categorized items of the kind. The auction lot window provides relevant data on auctions’ due time, purchase terms, the nature of items and the names of their owners, etc. So if you are fond of collecting pieces of fine art, this app can be of great assistance.

We promise to keep you in touch with more insights on what is going to be trendy in the UI/UX design space.

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