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Denis Z
design prices 04.10.2019
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Mobile app design: Is this a no-brainer?

Creating a popular user-friendly web or mobile application is quite a tough case – especially, if you are going to make a pretty penny out of it. To build an effective mobile app is not a cakewalk even for a seasoned in-house team, with every single specialist being at your disposal. The situation is getting way more complicated, if you need to hire third-party professionals to have the things done.

For instance, you first must have a crystal clear concept of a future application. Once a robust idea is under your belt, then a team of skilled developers is needed to implement a project, let alone great mobile app UI/UX designers and some marketing gurus. This said, mobile app creation is a long-term process that takes a significant amount of time and effort to get the best from mobile app design.

The reasons why businesses need a mobile app

An actionable mobile app empowered with a perfect UI/UX design can help you in a number of ways as it:

  • Expands your company’s footprint on a new mobile-led market;
  • Increases your brand value and lead generation;
  • Improves customer engagement and retention;
  • Is a great new marketing and sales channel;
  • Gives you a competitive edge over others;
  • Is an ideal source of users’ feedback and customer insights.

And these are just a few to name! What’s more, about 80% of buyers on the B2B market use their mobile devices at work. With all this said, the mobile app segment is obviously hot nowadays as every business wants to own its slice of the pie.

How much does a mobile app cost?

So, building a great mobile app usually comes at a price. Costs may vary ranging from a hundred bucks to $350,000 and still counting. It totally depends on the qualification level of the specialists engaged in the process as well as on the type of your coming application. And while choosing employees for the project is absolutely your responsibility, the popularity of this or that mobile app category on the market is fully dependable on the end-users’ choice. This makes mobile games remain an undisputed leader over the years, with business and education apps coming after them.

It’s up to you to decide, which mobile app category to opt for. You can try to succeed with a gaming app, albeit having lots of competitors. Or, fill a specific market niche by introducing a great healthcare mobile app instead. Either way, good professionals are badly needed.

Mobile app design: why it really matters

With all that said, developers simply can’t do all the work required to get an actionable mobile app. This is where UI/UX design experts come into play, since 46% of buyers won’t be looking for other options, if there is a decent company’s mobile app at their service. Unfortunately, some businesses try to save on design as they think app developers are everything they need for a successful mobile app. However, such an application is just a far cry from top-selling iOS and Android apps of any category.

A poorly designed app will get you no profit, higher conversion rates and better customer experience. What’s worse, bad UI/UX design can cause a rapid after-effect business failure on the global mobile app market. The reason behind is pure and simple – end-users just can’t stand clunky interface with unappetizing colors, overly big/small menu boxes and buttons, and other awful UI/UX things like that. Oftentimes design flaws are irreversible. Just think of it: according to Statista research, around 21% of downloaded mobile apps are used only once.

3 main cost components of mobile app design

Apart from the above-mentioned development costs you have to spend on your business app, the price tag for app design services can also be rather different and depends on a number of factors. As such, they can be boiled down to the following:

1. Design complexity.

This means how sophisticated mobile application you like to get after all. Its complexity is usually measured in:

  • the proficiency level of designers involved (Senior, Middle, Junior);
  • how deep they are into ideation phase, or just need to follow the ready-made design roadmap and use mobile app design templates instead;
  • the compliance of the project with major design thinking rules;
  • a number of UX-driven sketching, wireframing, prototyping and mockup steps along the workflow;
  • time and effort available for testing and iterative stages

2. Cross-platform compatibility.

It’s all about how independent your future mobile app will be from a platform your customers prefer to use. Mobile apps can be of two types:

  • Native, or platform-specific. For instance, those that can work only on iOS, Android or WP smartphones and tablets. Please consider that iOS and Android mobile app design cost varies a lot oftentimes!
  • Hybrid, or platform-agnostic – to be used easily on any mobile operating system

3. Multitasking functionality.

The design cost may also vary greatly depending on a number of features your mobile app is going to have. If it’s about to enjoy a feature-rich interface with many CX options and interactive elements – this app will definitely cost you a pretty penny. However, the results you get in terms of revenues and customer growth rates are undeniable, if compared to less pricey variants.

Feel free to contact us, if you need a helping hand with robust mobile app design solutions for your business.

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