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Let your real estate business get the best ROI from online service offerings.

Created to enhance your digital presence, our custom-built website & app designs for real estate deliver trust and delight to your customers.

Helping you Amuse and Attract, Convert and Close more deals.

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What we do

Improve the delivery of your online financial services

Designed for any device and platform, your new stunning brand look and feel adds up to improved user experience, agents’ productivity, and operational excellence.

We help you get the most out of your real estate website or mobile application.

  • Enjoy high-quality PropTech designs that convert and engage your visitors.
  • Improve the work performance of your real estate agents and brokers.

The core points we enhance

Improve your real estate business efficiency

From intuitive app user interfaces to smooth website navigation, our sleek UX design is committed to reinforcing your brand visibility and user satisfaction.

Tailored to your business needs, design-driven apps and websites bring you a peace of mind on the overall business efficiency. With real-estate specifics in mind, we help you build competitive digital products that matter.


Unique brand identity

UX design gives your real estate services a fresh unique appearance that lets you stand out from your competitors. A great look helps reach, attract, and win new wider audiences.


Higher lead generation

Based on thorough user research, our design for PropTech is not only stunning, but highly converting as well. We know what your website visitors want, and make them choose your services via design.


Greater usability

No more awkward user interfaces with noisy elements and misleading content. Make users feel comfortable with your website or app through consistency, relevance, and ease of use.


Improved agents’ performance

Equip your real estate agents and brokers with actionable design-driven tools on the go. With new capabilities, apps help your employees match user property requirements and close more deals.


Revenue growth rates

As great UX design adds much to your brand value, you definitely get higher ROI via customer trust and satisfaction with your real estate services.


Better responsiveness

With a wide variety of devices your clients might use while looking for a new property, we ensure robust flexibility of your PropTech design on any display size.

What deal with us

UX design that meet your customer needs

As customers evolve, your competitors take any advantage to prevail in the real estate market. With our UX design, you don’t leave your rivals even the slightest chance to win the game.

We provide your real estate website or app with convincing lead capture pages, comprehensive property listings, and powerful property presentations. Every piece of design is created is to help tell your story and get better and faster sales.

User research approach

No hit-or-miss tactics. Just a well-thought-out strategy helping you enjoy the exact UX design your customers crave for.

Tech perfection

Make the most out of PropTech design with cutting-edge design thinking trends & practices. Innovations that show efficiency to future proof your real estate success.

Eye-pleasing excellence

Having your services be more functional, user-focused, and nice looking is a great asset. We do it for you, combining great appeal with smart functionality.

The approach we follow

We need your simple inputs to deliver you beautiful outputs

Following the most actionable design practices, we make our preparatory and design development stages quite easy and transparent for you.

You share your ideas and business vision with us. After agile yet in-depth analysis and brainstorming, we come up with the most feasible UX design concept catered to your needs.

1. PropTech product discovery

We take a deep dive into the specifics of your real estate services to reveal the advantages that set you apart from your competitors.

2. Buyer/renter research

To fine-tune your sell/lease offerings, we collect and analyze all the user data available. Once all is set, we build a design roadmap showing how to better target your audiences.

3. UX design strategy

Before we start, you get the outlined strategy of your future PropTech product design. You can see and discuss the reasons standing behind every design tactics.

4. Wireframing and Prototyping

As visuals give greater insights, we provide you with detailed wireframes, mocukups, and interactive high-quality prototypes. With this, you can get an overall picture of what your PropTech design will be.

5. Usability testing for real estate design

You can rest assured, your website or app design is reliable, fast, bug-free, and customer-focused. We iteratively test every feature and first user impressions to deliver you the pitch perfect design solution.

Our process

Bring profits and user affection to your real estate services

UI/UX web design for real estate

You get a real estate website that personalizes the buying or renting experience of your customers. Fully responsive to perform equally on any device, your newly-designed website helps attract, engage, and convert way more property seekers than ever before.

PropTech application design

Be it an end-user application or a mobile app for your real estate agents, you benefit from meaningful simplicity, feature-rich functionality, seamless third-party integrations, and more. We make sure your app is unique, easy-to-use, and UX-focused that fully delights your customers and brings you profits.

Analytics & reporting dashboard design

You and your real estate agents need quick performance visualization & user clustering tools to easily manage prospective property buyers and renters. We create concise and customizable forms for adding new user profiles and property objects.

Design for lead capture pages

Customers won’t stand using awkward lengthy fields to opt-in with your real estate app or website. Let them enjoy simplified yet actionable landing & lead capture pages with easy-to-go-through sign-up & sign-in forms. Get the right design to get all the necessary user info you need.

Advanced IDX search forms

Both your agents and prospects find it handy to get extensive property search features. Let them tap into vast possibilities of interactive map searches, quick & easy search filters, helpful item favorites & comparison lists.

Detail-rich property listings

Leverage the visual power of gallery sliders and virtual tours to supercharge your featured property listings. Enable your clients with handy widgets for commenting and info sharing features.


Let our clients feedback speak for us

Results and benefits

Not just design, but lead conversion and revenue growth

You hardy think it’s enough to have just an eye-candy for your digital real estate services. Neither do we.

DZCrew is on your side, crafting solid UX design solutions that help you sell and lease more properties via your website or app.

DTo do so, we ensure the following benefits:

Higher conversion & retention rates

Knowing what your customers truly want makes our designs reach and convert the right target audience in less time. Great UX design helps you lower website bounce rates and minimize customer churn.

Greater customer lifetime value

Loyalty drives better sales, so let more of your website visitors become returning customers. Once impressed with great design and functionality of your real estate services, users surely leave nice feedback and spread the word about your brand.

Increased revenue growth

Through customer experience and satisfaction, our design leads you to profit optimization. Resonating with actual buyers’ needs and wants, your app or website UI/UX design helps close more deals and minimize operating costs due to faster user decision-making times.

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  • Need to enhance user experiences with your startup or SaaS product?
  • Want to improve your lead generation and boost conversion rates?

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