UX Flowchart Templates

A free design kit of customizable elements to help you create attractive and professional sitemaps, wireframes and diagrams in no time


Full customization

Build an eye-catching UX-backed sitemap by simply drag-and-dropping, editing and snapping various custom elements, like arrows, icons, actions, etc.

Smooth scalability

The elements have smart connectors so
you can change the width and height
of them freely without any distortions.
They may have any width or height
you prefer.

Ease of use

By dragging and dropping cards, arrows,
notes, tags and other elements you can
build professionally looking site-maps
really fast to impress your clients
or teammates.

Frequently Asked Question

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We guarantee that sharing your contact details is absolutely safe. Your personal data shall by no means be subject to the third parties. Our objective is just to inform you on new smart solutions you may find handy for your business.

2. Is this checklist free? What is the catch?

Certainly. No strings attached. We enjoy helping you out with confusing web design matters. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us in case you require our hands-on UI/UX design expertise for your website or app.

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