Hottest Design Trends for Your Next WordPress Website

Denis Z
Uncategorized 28.02.2019
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WordPress design: What is all about?

Creating actionable websites by utilizing advantageous capabilities of WordPress has become table stakes for a long while. In fact, when it comes to talking about robust WordPress design and the most efficient ways of website building, this is primarily about eCommerce sites. In most cases, the success of online shopping fully depends on how attractive your website is in the eyes of prospective leads and customers.

The online retail market share has been growing globally by leaps and bounds in recent years, which makes it worth fighting for better brand recognition across online channels. This said, Statista provides promising prediction stats as for the eCommerce share of total sales in retail worldwide, expecting it to reach 17.5% by 2021. So, what should be done to keep your company ahead of the pack?

WordPress design tips: When does your website need a redesign?

Before going any further with defining the most popular WordPress web design trends for 2019 and beyond, let’s delve into the reasons why your current website appearance surely needs reconsidering.

In fact, the arguments to make everything look different are numerous. So are the WordPress design ideas for reshaping your eCommerce website. The most commonplace are the following:

  • Higher conversion rates. Design trends are quite volatile and change over time. Most of your prospective customers are 100% online savvy and can compare various sites of your competitors while surfing the internet. Sure thing, an outdated design is a far cry from what your leads are expecting to see on your website. What’s more, it can result in increasing a considerable churn of your existing customers. People always like something new and attracting – so give them what they really want.
  • A new landing page is needed. In case, you are expanding your footprint on the market and have any innovative service or product to offer to your customers – you should tap into the latest design solutions to succeed. There are some effective ways to make a perfect landing page for 2019. Having much in common with generic website design trends, creating highly-converting landing pages, however, is more
  • Greater customer experience. An efficient eCommerce website isn’t just eye candy for chance comers. It must generate leads and convert them into your loyal customers. Which is why the great-looking style has to be combined with the most recent UI/UX design practices. So make sure you perfectly know what works well for improving user experience this year.

Although just a few of reasons for redesign are mentioned here, they showcase the main aspects making your website more profitable.

Which WordPress design trends 2019 you should leverage?

How WP design services be enhanced with new solutions? First, get to know what may bring advantage to your very business project. Having no intention to advertise some specific sort of software, themes and extensions – which is totally up to you – we are sharing just a list of most effective solutions in website design for this year and beyond. So here is a breakdown of most popular 2019 tendencies for redesigning a site.

  • Mobile-driven design
    Obviously, responsive design has been a table stakes for websites and applications over the last decade. This time around, surprisingly, we are witnessing a quite reversed process. This means that a priority is given to mobile-first design practices and not the other way round. So test how smooth your WP-based site is across various Android and iOS devices before going any further with desktop versions.
  • Broken grid and asymmetric layouts
    Broken grids and asymmetric designs have eventually come in WordPress in 2019. The same as it goes for universal design tendencies this year, now finally WP users have a great chance to impress their customers with eye-catching solutions. Following this trend will surely make them stay much longer on your website and improve their UX.\
  • Duotone effects
    Littering your home or landing page with tons of different colors and hues is no longer a fashion in 2019. Pairing only two colors is a perfect choice to boost your website’s conversion rates this year. Albeit, with an asterisk attached – you should know effective color combinations to apply those that really match.
  • Bold typography
    Using big fonts has been gaining much traction recently. The latest updates of a WordPress platform enable you to explore the possibilities of a wide range of bold unique font libraries, most of which having a set of light, medium and thick variants. Be creative to pick the one that fits your website best, however, try not to play around with the most unusual fonts that do not go along with your brand style and may cause some readability losses.
  • Video headers
    WordPress themes containing video headers is a great way to streamline your website efficiency in terms of getting more eyeballs and enjoying better Google search results. Once again, you should realize that overusing this WP trend may result in slower page loading times as hi-res video usually requires much more computational capabilities. Anyway, modern technologies are evolving so you should better try your hand at integrating video headers. They truly are much more effective when compared to bland and boring static images.

To sum it up, WordPress design price may vary greatly depending on the design agency you are going to collaborate with. However, this article can help you out with a better understanding of what exactly your eCommerce website needs in 2019. Should you need more hands-on insights on utilizing the latest UI/UX trends for your business, feel free to contact us to get a personalized solution.

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