From Mess to Success: How to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Denis Z
eCommerce 18.10.2018
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Look throught the main points of the high-convertative design

High conversion in eCommerce: The reasons why it fails

You wouldn’t be much surprised to know that eCommerce store owners strive for business excellence and maximizing their profits. They make every effort to combat lead churn and improve their website conversion rate. Oftentimes piles of money are wasted on deploying pricey PPC ad campaigns and promoting an online brand via social networks. But there’s nothing doing, as eCommerce conversion growth leaves much to be desired.

The rationale behind poor results is obvious – it is not enough to simply attract prospects to your website. This is just where the customer journey begins. Engaging and making these leads want to stay longer on your website to finally guide them down the conversion funnel is far more important. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that only around 22% of business owners are satisfied with their conversion rates.

The principles of conversion-centered design.

Following 8 main principles of UI design is the best way to create the right design for conversion. In the context of customer experience enhancement, the key facets of successful website UX design boil down to the following:

  • Usability
  • Utility
  • Desirability
  • Accessibility

While conventional marketing techniques are geared to driving customer acquisition, a robust web UI design solution can drastically improve the user experience. This, in turn, will result in closing more sales and getting the customers returning to your eCommerce store. However, many online business owners often turn a blind eye on website CX design optimization.

What makes them so surprisingly confident that everything is alright with their current website design?

9 signs showing you have poor CX design

Some e-tailers think that once they get a commercial website designed, it’s all done and dusted. Please, be careful with such a let-it-all-hang-out approach as it is extremely misleading and may jeopardize the entire business success! You should keep in mind, there is no safe haven for all seasons when it comes to great conversion-based design.

The best bet here is to get a professional website usability audit to check website conversion performance and learn how much actionable eCommerce design costs. But before the audit, you can actually check first for yourself how good UX design on your website is. Here’s the list of things indicating that your online store does have a low conversion rate and badly needs UX design optimization.

Irrelevant content.Revise and brush up all the content on your home and landing pages to increase website conversions. Timely provide your prospective customers with the latest pertinent information on the product range, contact and order details, giveaway and discount terms and conditions, and other information that improves CX.

Outdated design.The trends in customer-oriented design are even more volatile than those in the overall software development space. Basically, it is users or online shoppers in our case, who vote with their dollars for the most appealing design examples. So make no doubt about it, if your website design is several years old, it definitely requires considerable renewal.

Bad website navigation.Check out how long it takes you to get to the product category you are looking for. Getting the things too complicated makes the leads run away from your online store. Take my word for it, people like things being easy for them.

Push selling.A high-converting sales page never forces the prospects to buy from you right away or do other things, which they are not going to do at the moment. Don’t be so pushy with all these pop-ups, autoplay sounds and video, pesky ads with clickbaits and other meddling stuff.

Poor responsiveness.According to a recent study, a poorly designed version of your website can drastically decrease the mobile-generated organic traffic to 50%. The results shown by Statista  (see the percentage belowprove to the fact that UX responsive design is a key driver in terms of improving customer experience and creating high-converting homepages.Slow loading page times.Having a lot of redundant unoptimized design elements on your website, littered with tons of hefty video and images takes ages to load a homepage, and makes the audience yawn and leave the online store. Aligning the development and design efforts will surely help to boost lead generation at this stage.

Blurred colors and contrasts.At times it is hard for online shoppers to tell background from clickable buttons or other interactive options on a website. Using a distinct color pattern instead can greatly help users focus on the most relevant design elements, like CTA, ‘Follow us’, ‘Order’ and ‘Contact us’ buttons.

Wrong design style.Your website design may be quite up-to-date, though does not resonate with your product line at all. Make use of the appropriate layout and fonts, and leverage your corporate logo and colors to improve brand acquaintance and recognition. For example, appropriate videos on your landing pages can boost conversions by 86%.

Lack of personalization.The sad fact is that most of the online stores ignore empowering their users’ experience with a personalization touch. Conversion-centered design should zero in on tailoring to customer individual traits and preferences. However, do not forget to stick to the recent GDRP-based restrictions when it comes to using customer private data in your business flow. To build trust with your website, ensure the prospective customers that their privacy is fully secured and confident.

Here in this article, we’ve touched on the main aspects for getting actionable customer-focused website design. Next time, we’ll show you the most viable product page examples that drive CX boost and skyrocket conversion rates.

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