How to Choose an Actionable and Cost-Friendly UX Design Digital Agency

Denis Z
UI/UX Design 11.07.2018
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Nowadays every smallbiz needs the support of the dedicated ux design agency

More and more companies start reconsidering their business campaigns to harness them with tech-enabled solutions that can drive the best user experience and maximize profit margins. Since customers evolve, only a personalized approach will do when it comes to web development and design optimization.

Experts estimate that personalization will become a prevailing trend in 2018 and therefore the improvement in user experience is likely to be a must-have strategy for every single business owner. Odds are, an average company just can’t brag about having a skillful user experience designer on its board. Not to mention having a whole team from the design agency at your disposal. 

6 levels of user experience workfrow, including the visual design, wireframes, site map, content requirements and the deepest - strategy

The design is the very constituent of the entire business mechanism that you are hands down able to tailor in compliance with emerging customers’ needs and thereby drastically affect UX.  Despite some experts express doubts over the leading role of UX design in commercial activities, design-led companies showcase significant user experience deliverables.

Moreover, the company’s long-term revenue growth will definitely benefit from the enhanced UX design as well. So, there some kind of the golden mean should be found here, meaning that you have to utilize user-centered design, albeit not to overestimate it. In a nutshell, usability experts are confident that improved design helps both to nurture your customers and to increase your sales performance.

How design contributes to the overall business performance

Tips to pick a decent UX design company

To streamline UX design is not a problem anymore, even if your company lacks seasoned in-house designers. According to the New Enterprise Associates’ 2017 survey, 38% of businesses employ remote design teams to foster their UI/UX viability. So third-party contractors will totally do when you are all about the UX design improvement plans. And it is where a reasonable question comes up – What do user experience designers do? Moreover, what they should do to comply with your business goals. The main thing here is to find the right digital agency that can meet and exceed your business expectations.

1. Eyes on the expertise

The first factor you should consider about a prospective UX design contractor is whether it has enough proficiency to handle various UX enhancement tasks. It is desirable for the agency to have the perceptible expertise of creating actionable design projects in the same industry.

A good portfolio with relevant case studies on the corporate website is a must-have prerequisite for establishing future collaboration. Looking through the successful projects they deployed lets you realize the UX design agency’s competence and figure out if it complies with your business goals. Also, you can evaluate the range of its deliverables to understand what functions and design solutions have been applied so far.

Any seasoned design company has to reassure you with any technical details of the future design project. Learn what professional tools they employ, what design solutions they are good at, what prerequisites might be required, etc. Do not hesitate to ask your contractor about responsive design and cross-platform capabilities. Let them show you the benefits and weak points of different user-oriented design solutions (visual, infrastructure, interaction and other types of design) they are about to implement in your project.

2. Robust interaction

The other important factor you must consider is actionable communication with the design agency you are going to deal with. A timely and meaningful communication between a website owner and a designer is hands-down necessary. Especially when it comes to fine-tuning different ongoing processes. A poor and inefficient dialog always results in misinterpreting your final business goals and therefore will gain no profits.

So define what channels you are going to communicate with them. Then see how quickly they respond to your inquiries and whether an assigned project manager can solve urgent issues. First off, try to visit their office and communicate personally. It gives you the precise picture of future business relations.

3. Healthy relationships

Once you are confident about the UX design agency’s proficiency level and manage to establish effective communication, it is high time to build strong business relations with this digital agency. Keep in mind though that having a third-party contractor involved in your design project is a surefire advantageous decision for your business. Such collaboration may include some hidden hazards as you will definitely require further support and maintenance of your project. It holds true even after the all interface procedure is done and everything seems to be up and running.

You will totally need future assistance. Starting with getting new functions integrated and adding some UI features to better comply with your ever-changing business goals. Going ahead to redesigning your current layouts and landing pages to take advantage of the holiday season and other occasions. That’s why you have to ensure that the UX design agency is ready to provide you with post design services.

4. Setting deadlines

Time is one of the most essential factors to consider in any business, especially when the design comes into play. It is too commonplace when contractors do not meet any terms and conditions. A recent survey shows that 53% of companies do not have any design-specific KPIs to help them set the deadlines and measure UX design team efficiency. Remember this stats to avoid such mistakes in your own business case.

By deciding upon definite time limits around the tasks you are going to relay, you secure yourself from any pitfalls that may happen. It must be your contractor’s concern to get enhanced UX design development accomplished in time and without any deployment issues. To make sure they will meet all the deadlines, try to analyze some feedback from the previous customers. You can review their corporate website or, which gives you even more proofs, look through the comments on corporate social media pages. Viewing the Google reviews can also be used and assists you in clarifying the situation.

5. Pricing

Quite obvious that the project costs are one of the most crucial things when you are about to launch or revamp your website. For some of the late movers, it may look like a piece of cake to properly invest their funds. Budgeting though is a way more sophisticated matter than merely passing your money on to a third-party design agency. Even when you are dead sure about this company’s reliance and stability.

In order to put all the risks aside and not to be left in the lurch, estimate your project expenditures beforehand. Sure, you’re aware of the main design process aspects, but that’s only the top of the iceberg.

The usability design optimization process may comprise multiple tasks that usually leads to additional spendings on the projects. Knowing this, make it clear for your prospective contractor to get themselves ready with a detailed cost estimate. It’ll help to realize all the upcoming project expenses that may occur.

To help you out with opting the right UX design agency, here is a handy calculating tool to estimate your future spendings. Feel free to use it or ask our experts for a helping hand.

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