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Best call to action buttons that convert
eCommerce 22.07.2019

Best call to action buttons that convert

It is incredible how just one small element like a call-to-action button on your website can influence the success of an entire eCommerce project. A CTA is one of the most essential elements of your page inspiring a site visitor to click in order to get more details. Lear more how to design it the most effective way.

Yaroslav B Product Designer
UI/UX Design 03.05.2019

Top 5 Redesign Failures Big Brands Faced

Unfortunately, only 39% of B2B companies have a clearly articulated brand strategy. However, while reconsidering your brand design can be really advantageous, a lack of creative and design skills may lead to a dramatic cascade of rebranding failures or even disasters. Read about some of them to avoid the failure.

Denis Z Founder & CEO
UI/UX Design 11.01.2019

How Gartner Technology Trends Will Change Design in 2019

The effect of implementing innovative tech-fueled trends has revolutionized the entire market and totally changed the way how businesses should streamline workflow and improve interaction with their customers.

Denis Z Founder & CEO
It's better to let professional ux designer conduct correct ux audit
UI/UX Design 27.12.2018

How to Conduct a Robust UX Audit for Your Website

Keep in mind, the UX audit is not just a separate set of ideas depicting the functionality of your website or its interface navigation, but rather a comprehensible search of latent underlying defects typical of customer trek.

Denis Z Founder & CEO
Inspiration 13.12.2018

Top 5 UX Design Trends to Adopt in 2019

Understanding modern design trends and practices through the lens of increasing lead generation and therefore maximizing your profits is no piece of cake. There is a host of counterintuitive views appear today stating which of the current UI/UX design techniques work best in eCommerce.

Mike Dashevsky UX Designer
UI/UX Design 12.11.2018

How to Design Bigdata Apps

While the hardware and service solutions are large of a one-size-fits-all character, data applications must be designed so that they can comply with the unique demands of a certain company or enterprise. So to become a game-changer in your industry, you have to get custom data application software developed and designed.

Denis Z Founder & CEO
Find out the key principles for ecommerce sector
eCommerce 18.10.2018

From Mess to Success: How to Convert Visitors Into Customers

E-commerce is probably one of those sectors that are most susceptible to user interactions. They scroll thousands of products, reading their characteristics and evaluating their appearance, compare, doubt, put in a basket and only sometimes buy. Is the design able to complete the customers journey with the conversion? Sure!

Denis Z Founder & CEO
UI/UX Design 19.09.2018

How to Design a Perfect Landing Page

It seems there is nothing easier than to create a lending. But on the other hand, the simpler, the more responsible. It is important not to forget the details that always play an important role in design. Our team collected 7 fundamental principles to help you to build a perfect landing page design!

Yaroslav B Product Designer
UI/UX Design 06.09.2018

UX and UI Design Trends in Banking and Fintech

Fintech and banking areas are extremely successful today. That’s why the user-experience designer of the applications for this sectors simply doesn’t have the right to make any mistake, creating the interection between business and customer. We offer to your attention few simple but valuable advices regardign the trends in the interface designs.

Denis Z Founder & CEO