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Yaroslav B
eCommerce 22.07.2019
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It is incredible how just one small element like a call-to-action button (CTA) on your website can influence the success of an entire eCommerce project. A CTA is one of the most essential elements of your page inspiring a site visitor to click in order to get more details. In a word, it encourages your leads to become your customers.

This tool can be a decisive factor revealing the interdependence between leads and conversion rates. Underestimating the importance of CTA buttons while designing the page may result in a user experience drop. If designed well and thoroughly, this tool is likely to contribute to a high-converting page.

Online marketers are convinced that call to action buttons can turn the true leads into customers, and foster a venture. Thus, you should keep in mind that best CTAs should be visually catchy, action aligned, and easy to recognize on page or email.

What is a CTA button?

This instrument manifests itself as a word, phrase, or even a sentence that informs your visitors exactly about the next step you expect them to do. It is a virtual link between the content of your site and a proposal of higher value.

CTA buttons can vary in terms of their appearance and place on your website depending on the traditional or non-traditional approach to its design. The efficiency of the buttons is related to the nature of human perception process involving selection, inference, and interpretation. To get better results, reshaping your CTA buttons should go hand in hand with the overall UX design audit for your website.

What is the benefit of a Facebook Call to Action Button?

The Facebook call-to-action button enables businesses to redirect the visitors to the necessary site and page after they have logged into the Facebook page. With 2.32 billion monthly active users, this social network has become a legitimate means for businesses to attract more visitors, advertise and monetize immediately.

CAT button options on Facebook provide users with a plain, speedy, one-click way of interaction with different brands through contacting them, subscribing to the newsletters or contacting the company the other way.

To be the best and to ensure the extremely high usability, the CTA buttons should meet the following requirements:

Visible Size of CTA

The main purpose of a button is to push people to click on it. So, it should be of an optimal size for users to access it. If this instrument happens to be too large, it may look odd and unattractive for people to respond.

The tendency to purchase goods and services via mobile devices, phones and tablets is winning its popularity among consumers. According to the survey, the share of mobile eCommerce in 2019 will presumably constitute 67,2 %.

If you pose your site as mobile friendly, the size of a CTA button is crucial. The button should stand out enough to grasp an eye but it should not be excessive. Otherwise, it can unbalance the layout of the page and even irritate the visitors, making them leave the site.

Just drop us a line, if you need your website CTAs get redesigned and optimized.

Captivating Color

Surrounding background color popularity

There is still no unanimous vision concerning the button color that will convert best. CTA button color matters a great deal. You should not shift to green and orange buttons once you get to know they perform best or refuse from utilizing a red button, which is viewed sometimes as a stop signal. Nevertheless, the red button seems to get more attention, especially if it is the only red object on the page.

It would be more reasonable to choose a color that harmonizes with the graphics pallet of your website. Applying contrasting colors can help create showy buttons that will definitely stand out.

Taking into account the psychology of color, many marketers recommend strengthening of the discrepancy between the color of the button and that of the landing page. Visitors are more likely to click a CTA button exposing a considerable contrast with the background.

Clickable Look

The idea of a clickable button presupposes that this instrument has a rectangular shape and clear boundaries with white space around them.

All this makes your button look like the one the user wants to press.

Except for the shape of the button, there is one more component that should be considered. It is the words used. The words chosen for a CTA button have an enormous influence on the conversion rate. The rule of thumb consists in using action-oriented messages. The more straightforward it is the better.

If you want your customers to perform a particular action, put a call short and clear so it reaches the target audience. No one expects you to invent something new and unbeatable. The practice has proven that simple imperatives like get, see, give, use, try, buy, etc. turn out to be the most effective words when it comes to increasing conversions.

Timing words can be of great help if you want to convey the idea of urgency. The words like now and today make people react faster as they feel urgent.

First Person Address

Using the first person you can get on the good side of your audience. This strategy will create an illusion as if the visitors already own the product or service you offer. The best option to achieve this is to apply the first person in the design of your button copy. For example, you can substitute such traditional copy like Start your free monthly trial with Start my free monthly trial.

An effective button copy should also avoid using the pronoun we since it concentrates the attention on the message instead of the solution you are suggesting. On the other hand, this word conveys a lack of trust and reliability of the business. Giving preference to the first person, you can evoke the feeling of excitement and loyalty in your visitors.

Options Suggested

Having a choice makes us comfortable. However, when it comes to a big choice, it can give you a headache. The point is that providing your audience with too many options can turn out badly. The bigger part of the best CTA button examples include those offering people just one alternative.

In case you need to place more than one CTA button on your landing page, you should remember about making the right priorities. If you really have business reasons to place several buttons, you should point out one option among the suggested ones to guide the visitor.

Consider CTA as a final and conclusive point of your content. Otherwise, you risk getting the visitors who will ignore your call to action. Well-developed CATs empower you to make a positive impression on the target audience. This tool has a major impact on optimizing marketing and conversion. It encourages your customers to take an action that will result in a beneficiary effect.

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