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Uncategorized 02.11.2019

DZ Crew Named Top UX Design Agency in Ukraine!

Our team excited to announce that we’ve been named a top UX design agency!We’re proud that all of our clients have given us a perfect 5-star score on Clutch, naming us as one of the best agencies in the business.

Denis Z Founder & CEO
design prices 04.10.2019

How much does it cost to design a mobile app – iOS and Android

Creating a popular user-friendly web or mobile application is quite a tough case – especially, if you are going to make a pretty penny out of it. You need to understand how the price for a mobile application for Ios and Android is formed.

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UI/UX Design 03.05.2019

Top 5 Redesign Failures Big Brands Faced

Unfortunately, only 39% of B2B companies have a clearly articulated brand strategy. However, while reconsidering your brand design can be really advantageous, a lack of creative and design skills may lead to a dramatic cascade of rebranding failures or even disasters. Read about some of them to avoid the failure.

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Uncategorized 28.02.2019

Hottest Design Trends for Your Next WordPress Website

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UI/UX Design 11.01.2019

How Gartner Technology Trends Will Change Design in 2019

The effect of implementing innovative tech-fueled trends has revolutionized the entire market and totally changed the way how businesses should streamline workflow and improve interaction with their customers.

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It's better to let professional ux designer conduct correct ux audit
UI/UX Design 27.12.2018

How to Conduct a Robust UX Audit for Your Website

Keep in mind, the UX audit is not just a separate set of ideas depicting the functionality of your website or its interface navigation, but rather a comprehensible search of latent underlying defects typical of customer trek.

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Find the fresh waves for you online store in 2019
eCommerce 29.11.2018

Design forecast 2019 for eCommerce

You should keep in mind though that the one-size-fits-all design solutions to boost your eCommerce store performance can hardly be found. So if you do not have any in-house web design experts at your disposal, you’d rather check our recommendations on the matter of the most effective ways to optimize your online shop.

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Uncategorized 14.11.2018

Effective Online Store Product Pages Examples

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UI/UX Design 12.11.2018

How to Design Bigdata Apps

While the hardware and service solutions are large of a one-size-fits-all character, data applications must be designed so that they can comply with the unique demands of a certain company or enterprise. So to become a game-changer in your industry, you have to get custom data application software developed and designed.

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